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Default Re: GTX260 Overclock

Originally Posted by Drolfrawd View Post
I have got it.
My power supply is too weak.

It is just an Artic 550watt

I removed one stick of ram
unplugged case lights
unplugged dvd writer

and hay presto got it running 700mhz core clock.

So my power supply is holding it back.

Will need to wait a while to get a better one.

Comments welcome.
Just curious what your ram is running at bro - I'm glad you found a solution, but what you pulled would barely draw any amperage at all.

Just for troubleshooting purposes I would plug the ram back in, see if the oc stays stable, then the DVD and so on.

The reason I bring this up is the experience I had with mine and mullet pointed out that fans plugged into the mobo could cause problems. he was right.

Just curious is all, and it may save you the cost of a new PSU.
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