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Default New GT240 things are blurred

I was running a 8600GT 512mb overclocked which died after about 2 years, then I went back to onboard for about a week while waiting for a new card which is a Palit Geforce 240GT 1024mb DDR5.

On the 8600 I ran everything at 1440x900 DX10 then I went back to onboard and ran 1440x900 DX11 now with this card, I am also at 1440x900 DX10.1 but text and colors are blurred somewhat, games are touch and go for blur.

Dead rising 2 has no blur and runs just fine on medium without any hassles, Silkroadonline has blur on the lettering and makes it hard to read and also seems to stutter on high settings. Need for speed has no blur and runs pretty decently on high without any blur. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows runs on high without any issues, Fallout new vegas runs at high (auto dectect) but occasionally stutters and has a little bit of blur on the writing.

mIRC has no blur in the channels (black back ground white letters) but title bar is blurred.

Is there anyway to fix this, I have tried the 260.89 drivers and the 260.99 drivers and they both seem the same, I have tried it with physx and without.


Windows 7 ultimate
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.6ghz
3gb ram
GT240 1gb DDR5

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