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Originally posted by Sotos
What are you talking about???
I was not insulting anyone
I am just beeing serious as he was in his post

I just find his answer strange saying me about how good is my ENGLISH which has nothing to do with the topic subject...

I have a avatar that says GREECE so how is possible that he now noticed that my native language is not USA or ENGLAND...
I am a Greek so my english grammar is naturaly not beeing the best
d00d yer making a mountain outta a moe hill, all I meant was I couldn't understand yer reply but didn't put it against you because it was obvious english isn't your native language, chill

Originally posted by The Baron
Okay JuiceZ, I got Pistoleer (finally), got my sliced VKs so I can gain mad UA XP (finally), and generally I'm a Lean Mean Fighting Machine. If you need weapons or armor sliced, lemme know and I'll hook you up with a friend (Master Smuggler and free, of course).

Then again, I should probably just point you to my guild boards sometime
sweet man, its bout time

I usually play for several hrs right after wrk between 4pm-10pm so send me a /tell when you get on I'm working on Master Dancer & CH right now, heh.
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