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1) I resent that and can see why so many are leaving nVnews.
nV News is growing, not shrinking.

Originally posted by Malfunction
2) If you had even read what I said, I responded to what Wonderer said about FM just releasing another patch to invalidate NV's 3DMark scores once again. *Hence, software updates putting doubt in the actuall software.
And I did not say I disagreed with you. I had a problem with your untrue blanket statement and explained quite clearly what the problem was. I never mentioned software, nor did I say whether or not I agreed or disagreed with your opinions about software. There was no reason to bring up software when responding to my comments.

3) I find it completely rediculous to say some haven't upgraded to a FX or even a GF4 because of the AF or soley because of the AF performance. That is just a crock.
You're doing it again. I did not even bring up the gfFX and AF. Why are you bringing up the gfFX?

You are the one being "ridiculous" if you think some people haven't been unhappy with the gf4's AF performance. I've read most every thread in this forum since the gf4 was released, and I have read people complaining about lackadasical AF performance.

I notice you all team up too as soon as someone has something good or decent to say about NV, and yet you bust their chops because what... they come here with the belief that this is a NV Fansite and they are force fed all the ATi is godly crap.
It has nothing to do with a particular IHV and everything to do with illogical generalizations and blanket statements.

Did you ever stop and think that when some of these so called NV fanboys get bashed it is not because they like NV but because they like NV without reason? Or that their reasons and logic and gaping holes in them that make their positions indefensible? Just because you have the right conclusion does not mean the steps you took to arrive at that conclusion are correct.

That is just awful. I also don't see how I have ever been rude to any of you in any of my post either. Why are you so quick to judge or prosecute someone as a troll whenever they go against the grain it appears and believe Nv is not all that bad.
I never called you a troll.

Pfffft... Thanks for the welcome.
You're not a noob here.
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