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Default Re: 260.19.21 still not working on 10.10

Originally Posted by kmash View Post
In fact it works through HDMI only if the HTPC is plugged in VGA and HDMI... That's weird...
I wonder if perhaps the bug has to do with the driver failing to read the EDID over the HDMI cable connection? Or perhaps it doesn't like the EDID it receives that way, which is different from the analog-only EDID it gets from the VGA cable connection.. ?

Suggestion: grab the EDID info using the old driver, and then supply it as a "custom EDID" to the new driver.. maybe that will work until they fix it?

Or did it never work with any driver before?
In which case, try grabbing the EDID off the VGA cable, and supply that as a "custom EDID" when using only the HDMI cable.

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