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Default Re: What can I expect?

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
you seem to be the only person having issues. I think you need to stop blaming ati drivers and find out the real problem.
I'm not the only person having issues.

All of my gripes are driver/bug related. Just how it is.

I play such a variety of games, trying to catch up, always going to be problems.

Have a look around other forums, a whole ton of people having gripes with these drivers. Doesn't help that the official driver release for these things are a wave of hotfixes.

Catalyst 10.11 don't even support the 6870s and they have an older date than the 10.10d hotfix. Work that one out, what on earth are they doing?

Alot of my games have been fine though to be fair. But you get these annoying little niggly issues that were preventable. For e.g the World in Conflict profiles being broken, after they put in the driver release notes it had improved performance. lol doh!
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