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Default Re: 260.19.21 still not working on 10.10


I just tried out your suggestion. The EDID doesn't seam to have anything to do with the problem. Both EDIDs are exactly the same with the "working" driver (173.14.28) and the new one (260.19.21).

So I'm stuck with the choice between two really buggy drivers:
(+) two external monitors
(+) esata hard-drive works normal
(-) twinview OpenGL bugs (gksudo freezes the system for 5 min)
(-) color channels swap or missing in videos (VLC, Totem)

(+) working OpenGL (as far as I can tell without twinview)
(+) working videos
(-) no two external monitors (this bug)
(-) esata hard-drive causes 100% CPU and refuses to start during X11 start

I'm really getting frustrated here...
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