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Default Re: GTX 480 voltages

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf View Post
My card easily hits 850 @ 1012 voltage. I haven't tried pushing it further than that yet, but I dare say I probably could.
Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
I run both my cards at 800 on the core and memory at 2000. That is on stock volts.
Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I think you just need a beefier power supply.

Seriously though, been so long since I oc'd a video card. No idea, but from what I'm gathering you should be able to hit 800 without much difficulty.
Thanks guys, I'm having a hard time believing my chip is that lousy given the easy overclocks so many others are getting..

Maybe I will get a beefier PSU after all. Asus' PSU calculator linked on Nvidia's site says mine is the "minimum" recommended for my configuration. Heh.

Thanks guys
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