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Default Re: 260.19.21 & Dell XPS M1330: no smooth playback on 1080p

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
Am I correct that this is completely unrelated to the mplayer.log you posted below?
The log files belong to my first post on this thread.

Note that MPlayer is bad at displaying videos at the exact frame-rate of the screen you are using, so if your video is 23.976 fps and the screen 23.976 (or 24) Hz, frame drops (and A/V desync if you are not using -framedrop) have to be expected.
Using the same mplayer on my Revo (Nvidia Ion) connected to the same TV there is no such problem.

There are at least a patch and a fork that claim to fix this problem, Carl Eugen
Do you think you could send me a pointer to this patch? Any hint would be highly appreciated.



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