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Well i'm an avid player of SWG right now. The game has gotten a little bit better overall but its still really lacking in a lot of places. I would feel sorry for any new character starting out as they have batted all the good sources of income that some of us more advanced players got to take advantage of.

If you have friends its really not that hard to power grind your way to master in almost any class. The hardest two classes to master it appears right now is Merchant and Bounty Hunter. Merchant because of the slow xp gain from your vendors and Bounty Hunter because after 4 months they still haven't fixed the Investigation line.

The whole method of how becoming a padawan is implimented in game is attrocious as well. You have to join the other camped spawns of high level creatures in hopes you can kill steal for one of the holocrons. Once you have a holocron you get told to master a random class. Basically you get to totally dismantle your character that you have built to head towards jedi.

The whole holocron system is parching the game of people dedicated to what they want to do. Thus the cantina's have a lot of AFK macro'ing dancers and muscians in hopes to grind that level. Not as many people that play those classes because they want to or find it fun.

Quests have been fixed so that the text is actually there now compared to release but the rewards are the same junk as before. Completing a theme park is hardly worth the time nor credits to do it. The only one that feels worth it right now that has been added is the Warren. But its been soo camped by CH's and other characters that it was fairly easy to sneak behind and complete it as well.

Every major publish still brings some new and good things to the plate as well. This past publish went rather smooth compared to last month's. Last months was a disaster. This months has gone a lot better. The developers seem to prefer to push new things rather than fix what is already there.

The addition of mounts was nice but not the end off that a lot of people expected. They are about 1.5 times faster in normal speed than walking and about 2.5 times the speed while /gallop is active. (Burst run is 2 times normal speed) The reason they are slow is because the servers just could not handle them moving any faster. If they moved faster creatures and npc's would spawn right on top of you or behind you. This is going to be a major issue when we see vehicles next month.

Player cites are now live as well. If you were one of the lucky 10(each) to drop your city hall on the 3 major planets then you got to move your house and declare as a citizen and start paying taxes. Its still going to be a few weeks to see any of the benefits to cities as they are on a weekly growth cycle and the perks are for higher level cities.

As per each publish/patch the mounts and player cities patch has brought its own share of issues along with it. Some of these are due to be addressed in a patch in the morning. (one week after the original patch) But a lot of the things that were not correct in the patch notes (fixes for BH investigation, DOTs incapping etc..) have not been implimented or schedules for fix at this time.

Overall I keep playing mainly because of the community. Sure there are a few things I would like to accomplish first (for quests and such) but its the people around that have kept me playing. I've found my way into a tight fitted guild of people with my main character. Even tho i have a secondary character on a different server with real life friends on it i am drawn to play my main because of the community on that server. If they can finally fix some of the things that plague the game like guild chat being broken and the unbearable lag in some cities once i have completed what i want to then i may stay. If they cannot within that time it may be time for me to move on.

If you state the reasons you left the first time i shall do my best to give an unbiased opinion regarding it but there is a lot of the time my opinion of the game sways to the negative side.

I play as AnXdiety (BH-0,0,4,0/Smuggler-0,04,0/Commando- 0,0,1,0/Novie Medic) on Ahazi and as Barphollomew Mog on Intrepid. If any of you guys need hints or tips on grinding skills or information that i can provide feel free to ask away.
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