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Originally posted by The Baron
CH... you lamer. Just wait till they fix Center of Being (well, more precisely Defense Acuity, which will in turn fix Center of Being for TKAs) and I demolish any creature you can throw at me. Then I knock you down using my Mad Pistoleer Skills and pummel you to death SABIN BUM RUSH STYLE.
Its a shame pistoleer only has a knockdown in the same range as a TKA. Pistol Melee Defence 1. Is the only kd that a pistoleer gets. Unless you take the dirty fiighint line from smuggler pistols have no ranged kd. In a duel against any melee class just stay 20 meters away and you'll be laughing at them.

Smuggler has the best pistol specials of any class right now. Its why i dropped all my pistoleer skills (was a 0,4,4,4) paired with Bh pistol 4 and picked up the smuggler pistol skills. I was soloing mountain squills to gain my last box in dirty fighting. I have also solo'd krayts and ancient rancors without using pets. Love /feign. Panic Shot/Lowblow is insane. Now with last ditch doing 2k damage with my pre-patch krayt scatter and FWG5 its all kinds of fun. Its a shame they had to nerf the guns.

Here's an easy way to level unarmed 4 for those trying to get there.
Get yourself some sliced vibro knucklers. You aren't certed to use em but the added speed makes up for the lesser damage. Then grind up and gain novice pistoleer and stack health shot 1 and 2 on something and immediately switch to unarmed. The bleeds will count as damage done from the next attack you use. So if you use unarmed you'll gain unarmed XP for the damage done by the bleeds. Just set yourself up an attack macro as the following:
/ui actionSlot (where you put your VK's in your toolbar)

puch away as it bleeds to save time killing things for more xp. With the new DOT restrictions you can just walk away as it bleeds down to 1 health then walk up for the easy punch to gain full xp.
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