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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Maybe you should read your own link smarty pants... All but one bracket is won by ATI. Mid-high end = 6870 winnar. Mid range = 6850 winnar. Low mid range = 5770 winnar. Low end = 4850 winnar. The only one you can even argue is the top end 5970 vs 580 match up, which of course this was made before the price dropped on 5970, which right now at newegg are $469, making them win that one too.

Thanks for playing though brah!
I have to disagree:

$209.99 shipped AMIR for a GTX470. This card is faster than a 6870, has more proprietary features by far.

The cheapest 6870?

$262 shipped

So how is costing 25% more, having less features, being slower making a 6870 the "winnar by a country mile" NP? Just looks like ATi can't compete to me, and I didn't even mention the much cheaper GTX460 FTW edition that reviewers said was all around better than the 6870:

So how do I back up what I said?

Originally Posted by AnandTech
At $260 the GTX 470 is several percent faster than the 6870
Originally Posted by AnandTech
Meanwhile if you care about a balance of performance and power/heat/noise, then it’s the 6870 versus the EVGA GTX 460; and the EVGA card wins in an unfair fight. As an overclocked card in a launch card article we’re not going to give it a nod, but we’re not going to ignore it; it’s 5% faster than the reference 6870 while at the same time it’s cooler and quieter
So AT, one of the top review sites says the NVIDIA cards are both faster, and that the 460 is cooler and quieter. NinjaPrime says the ATi cards "own price/performance by a country mile!".

Who to believe?
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