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GeForce FX5600 (1.0-5336)
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Post X cpu at 95% using 4496

GeForce FX5600 (1.0-4496 drivers)
AMD 1.4 Thunderbird (runs at a happy < 45 degrees)
KT-133A (checked for update patches)
512mb ram
30gig hdd
twinview using two crt monitors running at 2560x960
Debian 2.2 with kernel 2.4.18-bf2.4
with agpgart as a module
proc file system
KDE 2 (but I did try gnome and the same happened)

Ok classic issue I have read about here lots of times but with no complete resolution.
Run X and after a random amount of time (can be a few minutes, or more likely a few hours to very likely a few days) becomes unresponsive, telneting in from another machine shows X is consuming 95%+ of the CPU (top), only option is to kill -9 X and start again.

I first tried to identify what program/s were causing the issue.
I tried running the Xscreensaver openGL hacks ten at a time, but I could not get it to hang reliably.
I disabled arts in KDE, I switched to gnome.
Each time the hang always happened but it was not related to time or which programs were running.
(also tried disconecting one of the monitors and twin view)

I added the mem=nopentium, I tried NVAgp 1,2,3 (renaming agpgart.o to .old to insure it was not loading when necessary)

Then I tried NVAgp 0 everything seemed fine and although slow I decided this was the only way to run stabily (ran for 6 days before I manually rebooted)

Then I read more on the forums about the KT-133 chipset and went into the BIOS and set the AGP to x2 (four is the max on this board and was the default) with
agpgart nothing changed (still hung randomly) so I renamed the .o and switched to NvAGP ran for 9 days no problem (with openGL xscreensavers going most of the time) then disater, it hung.
So I switched back to Nvagp 0 thinking agp was to blame, 8 hours later it hung again.

I tried strace on X during the hang and during a normal session a couple of times (both normal and verbose) but a diff on the files revealved nothing of interest.

I doubt there is anything else I can try with these NV drivers so my question is what can I do to help locate what is going wrong ?

Alot of people seem to be having this issue with a multitude of configurations so it is not an isolated case.

I would love to be able to see what is going on inside the process i.e. what functions are being used file handles etc and more importantly how they relate to the NVidia drivers.

any help appreciated.

Note 1 : any time I use the term hang or hung I did check remotely that X was using stuck using 95%+ fo the CPU time and that no other processes were causing any issues.

Note 2 : the Xfree86 drivers had no issue but of course had only Mesa and no twin view.

Note 3 : most of the hangs happened while xcreensaver was running, but that was becuase it was running overnight and I found it hung in the morning, both opengl and non opengl hacks were found to be in the hung state (visualy).

Note n : yes I was going for the longest post without pasting a in a file
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