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Default Re: separate X screen causes my twinview screen to maximize across both displays

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post
Sort of.

Several "fakearama"-solutions have been around for a while, i.e.

I think this feature should be part of the Xserver itself, i.e. you could
then also sub-divide a single 30" LCD to i.e. four pseudo 15" LCDs if
that better matches your work habits. It would be even better if
the XineramaInfo could be changes during run-time on the fly
so that you can match the behaviour to whatever is currently
required (i.e. further sub-divide one of the 15" pseudo LCDs
mentioned in the example, above). Should be very easy to
implement that in Xorg.
Ah, nice. And that was a long time ago too.

Being an X option would make more sense.

One thing though is, as far as I understand it, Xinerama could mean two different things. One is to allow windows to be moved across multiple X servers. The other is simply a kind of information that defines the dimension and offset of screens/monitors.

For instance, I have Xinerama turned off, so I cannot move a window across my two servers (cos I want performance and compositing), and yet, I need the Xinerama screen information so that the window manager and other things would know there are three monitors.
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