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Default Re: ATi benches inflated by reduced AF

Originally Posted by DSC View Post
Sazar and Ninja Prime, both of you are idiots. Ninja Prime should be banned from this forum, seriously the ATI fanboying and the blatant trolling in the GeForce 400/500 forums is embarassing.
Running around and calling people idiots just shows what kind of character you have.

Rollo has a very well earned reputation for trolling on Nvidia's behalf and has previously had a holiday for his behavior, so excuse us if we take things with a pinch of salt.

All these sites must have been in NV pocket, eventhough the blatant cheating has been mentioned and verified many times on Beyond3d forums. Typical nonsense reply when you know it's false, just to deflect the true facts.
It has been shown to happen before. Why is it now ignorant to use past experience to be cautious before jumping in head-first?

If anything, NvNews has shown it's class and character and has refused to be drawn into the various fanboy battles that rage on various other sites.

Were there something to comment about, I am sure NvNews will get around to it. Mike nor his editors have any duty to post stuff that has not been vetted. If this is true and is an issue, so be it, I am sure everyone will learn of it sooner rather than later.

LOL, just shows how butthurt the ATI fanboy brigade is when they were busted by 4 major German sites for AF cheats and they just can't accept the bitter truth. All of them must be blind if you can't see the horrible shimmering.
Actually, the only people showing their blatant fanboyism are people like yourself. 2 of my 3 systems have Nvidia cards. I obviously don't have a problem with the company or it's products

Take a step back and look at your posts. Typically trolling fanboy behavior. But you still have the audacity to call other people out

Or, feel free to keep calling people idiots. Like I said, it shows a LOT about your (lack of) character.
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