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Default Re: Dual GF110 GTX 595 Pic

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
How did ASUS managed to release those cards then?

The slot itself will only provide so much power, pretty much all new cards need more. What does it matter if it needs more than the maximum wattage defined in the PCIe spec? The PSU will take care of the rest...
Like I said, those cards are limited run cards that have insane prices like $1000+. They dont even make more than a few thousand of them, sometimes only a few hundered. I think they made only 500 Asus MARS cards if I remember right.

While nothing says you can't make cards like that, PCI-E power spec exists for a reason. Going outside of spec is a bad idea, opening them up to lawsuits and crap, which is probably why they have never done it on a large scale.
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