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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Well I guess they should believe me since you work for the NV FUD machine and can't post without lying or trying to hide the facts. Interesting how you linked the cheaper, slower GTX 470, which doesn't beat a 6870 to compare cost and then after that linked the top-end highest overclocked top end FTW edition which is much more expensive as if they were the same card. Fail. Even Anandtech took flak for that match-up, which was done at NVs request. Sorry Rollo, even the single one you could cook up was a lie.
Sorry, but you're still wrong. The GTX470 I linked to is a reference card, and a reference card is what is tested in AnandTech's review, and "several percent faster" according to them.

The "much more expensive" FTW editiion costs $227.55 shipped, which is still much less than the cheapest 6870 on Newegg.

So a person trying to buy a video card today at newegg can buy one of these faster, less expensive NVIDIA cards, or they can buy a slower, more expensive 6870. Even the cheapest out of stock 6870 costs more than either of these cards. And the GTX460 FTW is cooler and quieter than a 6870.

You're right, AnandTech took some "flak" from ATi fans for including that card in their review, because ATi fans didn't want people to know there are less expensive, cooler, quieter, faster alternatives to the 6870. I checked the stock status the day that review went up, the day the explanation of why they included it went up, yesterday, and today. It was always in stock, so apparently that card is a valid alternative for people to purchase.

So where is the "lie"? I may be a "NVIDIA fan" but I've backed what I've said with links to prices and independent tests of performance.

Not to mention the reviews of the 6870 were done with drivers that have been shown to lower image quality to raise performance. You seem to dismiss this, but my guess is that if NVIDIA's drivers were shown to be the same you would be more concerned.
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