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Default Re: ATi benches inflated by reduced AF

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Computerbase does probably the best GPU reviews and follow-up of any major review site.

I highly disagree with your statement!
I've always been impressed with Computerbase, they seem to just "go the extra mile" when evaluating things. They had a really nice review of microstutter up earlier this year.

A lot of people on B3d and other forums have noticed this and complained as well, it's not just the four German sites. Some ATi owners on this site have posted they noticed the reduced AF.

What I don't get is the ATi fans trying to downplay it. If you have an ATi card, presumably you want default setting to be as good as NVIDIAs' (or better) and the same for High Quality settings. The only way this is going to happen is if people complain when ATi uses image quality reducing optimizations.

For NVIDIA's part, all they want is for their products to be compared on a level playing field. Seems fair to me for all concerned.
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