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Default Re: Official release date of gran turismo 5...

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I don't have a problem with the type of cars we get. I don't like plastic Japanese cars but I understand that they want and have to include them. Plus it adds to the variety of the game, that's fine with me.

But I would prefer the same quality of the car models over all available cars. I don't want to worry about if a car has a c0ckpit view or not. And playing with a wheel is only fun when there's a c0ckpit view - bumper cam is just not the same.

So I'd rather have less cars but all on the same level. Like in iRacing, LFS, GTR, TDU, NFS Shift, Forza and so on...
Even 200 (premium) cars would be more than enough! And we'd probably have more like 250 or 300 premium cars if they didn't waste time and resources on porting over 800 cars.

The "1000 cars" is mainly a marketing stunt - it doesn't add much for 99% of the customers.
I get what you're saying and I too am disappointed that there has to be standard cars. I really don't think they spent much time doing it though... they said they were going to look better, well they don't. It's just the resolution increase and better shine effects. So I doubt they tweaked them all individually just obviously changed the engine so that they are rendered better. So I really doubt that we would have more premium cars if they didn't port over the standards - not only because I doubt it took much time and resources, but also because the same talented modelers wouldn't have worked on this job, you can bet they would have been dedicated to working on premiums and nothing else.

I completely disagree about standard cars not adding much for 99% of customers. In the past people have loved to drive their real life car in GT or cars they can actually afford. There's a massive demographic who enjoy this aspect of the game and without standard cars the majority of those people couldn't experience this. Like I said, I think you need to take a step back from what you want and realise that the actual majority of people who play GT don't share your opinion. The game has something for everyone, without standard cars that almost wouldn't be the case.
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