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Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
I really don't care about other folks' opinion's that's not why I made this thread, it's just that it sucks being the NVidiot that I am, been here for awhile, but yet I don't get any perks?! Cmon now...

It would be nice, I want it mostly for the bigger sig pic sizes of BFBC2 stat bars. 400x100 is pretty dang small.

And, I'm jus sayin Ddoc
We weren't allowed to have sig images before for Folding At Home and other WORTHY causes for the longest time. Why should it be so easy for sig pictures for useless cards and game stats AND for that to be exactly the gigantic size you want it to be?

To give you an example of something that isn't gaudy and ridiculous, and has nothing to do with your kdr in some dumb game.

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