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Originally posted by Rogozhin
"Or we could do something useful and stop supporting Futuremark."

You made the proposition to chose between supporting futuremark or Nvidia-and you said you chose nvidia because futuremark has been invalidated by the cheating of 3d companies-I think this is simply naive and therefore said that I'd rather support a benchmark that is trying level the playing field and not the PRIMARY cheating 3d company.

THis would be like saying the SCAA is a worthless piece of infrastructure because a green bean importer is trying to pass off blue lintong as blue mountain-I sure as hell wouldn't support the importer that's fleecing the public-I'd support the SCAA.

Gosh Rog, Ruined stated that we should wait for the next 3dmark drivers to inflate 3dmark scores, Saying I would rather just stop using 3dmark actually contradicts me wanting NVidia to inflate it's scores.

If the stupid benchmark didnt exist. Nvidia wouldnt be wasting its time on it. They are not going to stop. Because of what the benchmark represents. Anyone who knows me on these forums Knows I detest Futuremark as a company and it's benchmark. And I have not changed my position on that. Because I hate what it represents, a Number that sells graphic cards.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar my friend, You seem intent on taking every Anti Futuremark sentiment as a pro Nvidia sentiment. And thats not the case.

Of Course, We've heard this rhetoric before. Nvidia is buncha naughty poopy heads and they are dead set on ruining end user experience *sigh* Same old crap. Different week Rog. Save me from the rhetoric someone.
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