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Default Re: Official release date of gran turismo 5...

It's hard to compare GT5 to other games because GT5 carves out its own niche. It's not just a racing game. It's a celebration of cars for car enthusiasts. So it tries to give you a little taste of everything in the automotive world.

I really enjoy the license tests. Trying again and again to get the gold brings me back to old school gaming challenges. I was up to 6am trying to get some of those golds.

I like that there is no rewind because rewind kills the challenge and it's impossible to resist using it when it's there.

The driving phyiscs are much improved from prologue. The cars have a sense of weight and the steering feels natural.

I wish there were more tuning options like tire pressure and a full vinyl editor. I get the feeling that Kaz hates the idea of people defacing his work with their custom vinyls. I don't care so much about visual damage but I'd like some setting that allowed for more mechanical damage such that if I ram into a wall at 60mph my race should be over. But it's difficult to complain about these issues when GT5 adds so many features that other games do not have.

There is so much Forza vs GT but it seems GT5 doesn't even attempt to compete with FM3. It does it's own thing.
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