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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

The biggest issue here is that half of you define "worst" by hottest or least efficient.

It is true that the 4xx series was hot and inefficient, but they also had superior performance, albeit being 6 months late to market.

The fact that my $300 GTX 470 runs faster than a 5870 in all benchmarks when its overclocked the way that it is to me makes it a "better" card. It's $100 cheaper, just as fast or faster, and the trade-off for performance is heat / noise... that's not exactly a new concept for anyone who's been involved with the enthusiast market of computers for the last 10 years.

This thread is dumb and merely just plopped down to start a flame war. The only thing worth noting is the facts;

The GTX 4xx series was 6 months late to market
The GTX 4xx series is loud and hot
The GTX 4xx series provides superior performance to equivalent ATI cards
The GTX 4xx series provided a near perfect 2x performance gain to the 2xx series in graphically intense titles.

Take all those facts how you will but in general it was a significant gain of the previous generation, it was done at a relatively low price (at least with the GTX 470), and trades efficiency for performance, something we should all know as a basic fact of life, both in computers and in general.
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