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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
You are correct about the 2900 XT and 3870. For the 4870, you're also right, although it was a great product in its own right and very competitive during its time.

For the 5870, though, you're wrong. The 5870 went uncontested for 6 months before the GTX 480 hit the market, so you calling the 5870 slower is unfounded. It's slower than a product that was released 6 months later for $100 more. Remember that AMD/ATI also has eyefinity. Even if you don't think of it as an asset, it is something that AMD has and Nvidia doesn't.

Also, if we're talking about flagship products, the 5970 was superior to the GTX 480.
Hmmm. So for three of the four you agree with me, period. (this says a fair amount about my point in and of itself)

We weren't talking about dual GPU cards, we were talking about single GPUs. (and even if we did speak about dual GPUS, ATi only wins one of the four generations produced- 7800GX2>(no ATi), 9800GX2>>3870X2, GTX295>4870X2- so it's not like ATi is king of the dual cards)

The 5870 did indeed go uncontested for 6 months- much like the 7800GTX and 8800GTX did before it. Parts don't always launch on the same month. Nonetheless, the GTX480 was NVIDIA's answer to the 5870 and it had more features and was faster. I use "Eye Finity" all the time with NVIDIA cards, and some GTX295s can do it on a single card as well. It wasn't even ATi's idea, they were the last company to bring this to market. Matrox had it long ago, and NVIDIA was doing it with their Quadros.

GTX480 feature list:
3d Vision
3d Vision Surround
NVIDIA Surround
Force Ambient Occlusion
CUDA apps

HD5870 feature list:

If the 6970 launches with less performance and features some day, it will only solidify my argument that ATi builds second tier GPUs. However, being in second place at world leading tech isn't all bad, as I noted. Makes for competition, lower priced alternatives.

One of my rigs is a PhenomII 965 which offers great bang for buck, and I don't like to think about what Intel would charge if AMD wasn't around. Same with NVIDIA.
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