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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

I haven't mentioned anything about the 5970- we've primarily been talking about single GPUs in this thread. The 5970 isn't a GPU, it's two neutered 5870s in CF config on a single board.

You may not have heard, but people aren't exactly having a love-in for Crossfire these days:

I could go on (and on) but you get the picture. There's a guy "Solofly" on AnandTech that I used to think worked for ATi given his passion for disagreeing with me. These days he has all NVIDIA cards in his four PCs because he found Crossfire "unusable".

Originally Posted by Solofly
I bought about 15 ATI/AMD cards in the last two and a half years and let me tell you, their drivers are a joke. (mainly multi GPU) One month it's all good and the next time you change it something gets broken and unusable
PhysX isn't dying- two of my favorite games this year had PhysX. (Mafia II and Metro2033) It's not in every other launch, but I think I have ten PhysX games, and there are no other types of GPU accelerated physics games in development AFAIK. There will be more PhysX though.

ATi's multimonitor is actually pretty pathetic. You wouldn't say anything about 6 or 12 panel EyeFinity if you had actually used them. I've used both, and they SUCK. Totally unusable because the bezels bisect the main action and are VERY distracting. Three panel is only good because the additional panel are in your peripheral vision and your mind sort of ignores them. Also, I'd note that when you're running resolutions like 5040 X1050 and up, multiple GPUs comes in handy. I don't think 6 panels would be playable on a lot of games on one measly 5870.

ATi has no "third party support" I know of for stereo. I saw one article about one brand that they could barely get to work at all, and the glasses actually had to be hardwired to the video card. Unless you can link us to ATi's "3rd party support", I say it doesn't exist for practical use. ATi totally dropped the ball on this, sitting back and saying "We make video cards, you guys should code drivers and create glasses for them" is ridiculous and going no where. I have several games that are optimized for 3d Vision and 3d Vision Surround, how many are for ATi's "vaporware 3d"?

We're talking about ATi's current track record while waiting for their delayed products?

Basically, NVIDIA gives gamers usable features that are implemented in games. ATi gives gamers press releases about how someday some other companies will bring similar tech to their products. And ATi owners wait....and wait....and wait......then they mutter about "open source would be better, NVIDIA should help ATi get up to speed".
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