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Default Re: Official release date of gran turismo 5...

Just getting into this and my initial impressions sofar : Graphicly it rapes FM3,the difference is bigger than imagined ,especially carmodels and lighting,even texturing to some extent.The london track for instance is vastly improved over the prolouge version with better building textures and more belivable lighting,on my 50 inch plasma at 1080P it looks pretty much amazing.I always held PGR4 as the racing game graphics benchmark (looks nicer than FM3 imo) but sofar this outshines it as it should do.The cars feel better than theyve done in earlier GT games,less understeer but i really hate the piece of crap PS3 controller.It's hugely uncomfortable when using analogue steering and r3/r4 for analogue accel/break + r1/r2 for shifting I need a wheel as the controller makes my hands hurt after an hour or so,for my personal taste i wish i could use the 360 controller instead.
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