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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

Originally Posted by Maverickman View Post
If it's not the worst Nvidia card ever made, the GTX 480 is probably very close. While I never owned the ill-fated GeForce FX 5800, the GTX 480 may not be far off. It's overpriced, hot, underperforming and noisy. Sound a little like the FX 5800? It took some time, but Nvidia finally corrected its GTX 480 mistake with the GTX 580. From what I've read, it's the real deal. At least the GTX 480 owners out there have something to heat their house with this winter!
Dude shut up, it's no where NEAR what the 5800 was when it came out, were you even old enough to talk english when it did? The 5800 was horrible, even under-performing the ATI card out at that time, I think it was the 9800 pro.

The 480 beats the 5870 out pretty darn easily, and don't put a good HSF on it, and o/c it, because then it smokes the 5870. Don't even let me talk about DX11, cause stock, the 480 smokes the 5870.

Who are these people that come into these forums now days, and type stupid crap? GOTTA be trolls...
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