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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

One has to admit the shelf life or end of life for the 480 came rather quick. Which in the end became a good thing due to the 580 being significantly better. I look at the 470/480 as a stop gap measure until Fermi was refined more, another good thing. As for how the 580 will look once AMD releases the 6970, who knows? I expect it to perform better but what do I know.

As for 3d on ATi or AMD, 3rd party support is IZ3D which I've been playing with for about a week with an IZ3D monitor (discontinued in manufacturing) for $129 from Newegg. Good and bad in this case and having alot of fun. Some games are great others, like 3d Vision not.

The 5870 has been a great card for me, I also have to say from all my time owning video cards both Nvidia and ATi, the least amount of driver problems, hassels and good frequent updates etc. has been this round with ATi now AMD named only. Of course just a single GPU viewpoint. My Raddy will also do 1050mhz/1250 all day and night, love it when folks compare OC to non OC cards but that is something else.

As for the GTX 480 being the worst GeForce card ever, shortest lived maybe (not!, the 5800 was canned even more quickly) I say is not the case. There good performing cards with some kickass performance still.
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