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Default Re: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post patch is loaded and I spent about an hour in it. As far as bugs are concerned..I had zero crashes... the ONLY glitch that im getting and was probably introduced in this patch is my rear view mirror is in a seemingly inverted color scheme.. with the backdrop being green and cars being yellow shaded. Kinda ugly.. and during police chases I tend to look at it alot.
That's how it always looked

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
Hot pursuit immediately smacks with a lack of the realistic driving, where spin outs are infrequent, drifting is automatic and frequent, and the NPC cars are pretty much always hostile and slam into your car every time you pass. Race tracks are alot of open space and very few hair pin turns (imo the only reason I won races was because the CPU let me. for the first half to 3/4 of a race I was near last place and my car simply would not have the speed to catch up to the other cars.. and there were no hairpin turns that I could attempt to recover time or cut in and pass).
It's an arcade, so these things are to be expected.
But there are two kinds of drifts. One without brake, which doesn't slow you down, but is harder to control and the other with brake, that's slower but needed for sharp turns.

The first few races are easy and it goes exactly like you described. CPU is beating you, but then it slows down, to give you a chance to win. Don't worry, that will stop very soon.
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