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Originally posted by druga runda
Thanks, I'll check it out

btw, did you find out what that service does? why and what was it uploading?
It's not really uploading anything. It seems to be a kind of application server for uPnP and uPnP is dependant on it so once you shut off SSDP, uPnP is disabled too. A lot of routers are uPnP enabled now - some LinkSys, D-Link, and Microsoft are - and it's kind of a handshake protocol that helps in automated recognition and configuration of the routers. Sometimes it goes crazy though and keeps handshaking continuously. I did a reinstall of my system recently (it was time after 1-1/2 years and two motherboard/CPU swaps). SSDP/uPnP is enabled now and the problem hasn't returned, so I'm not sure what caused it to go insane in the first place.
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