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Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
It seems significantly faster than either the iPhone or Android when just moving through the OS, and I think the integration is going to be fantastic.

If it ends up really being nice I may have to dump my Droid X next year.
I'm surprised you Droid X seems slow... I've played with a friend's and its been just as fast, albeit a little slower than my Galaxy S

I still have faith in Android in general, it's already got such a hardcore group of developers. That isn't to say at all that WP7 will rock.... with the Zune app acting like iTunes it'll have a much easier user experience for basic users, and I really think that's where it'll rock android. That and the fact that the development is going to take off since the dev tools are free and very well integrated with Visio.

I can't wait to get a chance to try and write some code for Android and then WP7.... I've already had some (minor) experience with an iPad and their IDE and I have to say I absolutely hate it
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