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Default Re: GT430 + 260.19.21 + VDPAU = artifacts

Originally Posted by heldal View Post
For what it's worth, I experience the same artefacts running mythtv on GTX260 (ubuntu 10.10 with driver 260.19.21). In my case the problem appear after a crash in mythfrontend (running bleeding edge code so I'll have to live with a few crashes) which the X-server doesn't seem to be able to recover from. When the player is restarted black (or very dark) pixels are distorted. The X-server must be restarted to restore proper video playback through vdpau.

correction: it's not always enough to restart the x-server, it may also be necessary to re-load the nvidia kernel-module
I have to put my hand up on this one too..
I recently upgraded from 256.cantremember to 260.19.21.

On the 9400M it looked pretty bad, OpenGL mythtv interface would have spots here and there, often the ghost of a previous picture.

With VDPAU it's worth, and when I stop VDPAU playback, the last frame continued to be displayed in the background, in greyscale and slightly distorded.

I then put a GT220, it's a tad better, but the ghost of the previous vdpau frame still shows.

In a few cases, X starts to use 100% of CPU usage, machines become very unresponsive and I have to then reboot.

Those issue do not arise with 256.x (but then I get quite a few libGL segfault)
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