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Default Re: Internet Explorer 9 tops first HTML5 conformance test

Originally Posted by scottpotterr View Post
But it is not so perfect, means a few sites still don't render correctly, though these are a small set of minority sites. However, the alternative is "Compatilbility Mode" button (a broken page).

On the other hand, strength of the Google Chrome browser also named the most vulnerable application considering success in test of the "Dirty Dozen" list by including a variety of vulnerability types -- cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and buffer-overflow. Some security exploits of vulnerabilities were also found involving risk for the entire organization and other desktop user applications.
All Chrome vulnerabilities are made public, so yeah it's better known than unknown. IE is on one platform and all vulnerabilities are not made public. Chrome is growing fast as well so it's bound to be a target.

It's all about how fast vulnerabilities get fixed, not how many there are.
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