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Default Re: Push your new 580 with this demo. Best graphic effects I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
That's really impressive work. Who would make something like that? This had to be some sort of project for a class or something.

You're right, it made my Fiance's HD 4870 work pretty hard, but it definitely didn't bring it to its knees. Awesome find!

There are thousands of these types of graphics demos. There has been a "demo scene", as its called, for almost 30 years. You can get old 386 demos to this day. Type demoscene in youtube and you will see more hits that you can imagine. Its huge in europe and has stayed mostly there for some reason.

Here is a great resource. They use a lot of slang so look under prods and make sure its for the pc when you grab it. People still code c-64 and amiga demos to this day. No really !
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