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Default Re: GTX 480: Worst GeForce card ever?

Ive got a 480. Clocks in sig are a bit low because I got the core to 840. Every game I play at 1080p with at least 4xaa runs great. Most of the games I play are pegged at 60fps with everything max. Every thing I am currently playing runs great. I cant imagine that I would even notice a difference going to a 580.

Its not much faster and I have no noise issues here with an EVGA OC edition. Funny thing is that I have been playing Pac Man CE DX on the 360 non stop. I dont know how they did it but they reinvented the wheel. That game is awesome period. Perfect scores on most sites and its only 2d. There are some graphic enhancements as you can chose quite a few different graphic styles that was used over the years in various pac man games. No need. I play the old style graphics and LOVE IT. Anyone with a Ps3 or a 360 needs to check this game out !! Its $10.00

I has no need for polys and shaders if 2d game play can be as fun as this new Pac man game. Bring back 2d gaming !!!! (or 2.5d) heh.
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