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Default Re: Push your new 580 with this demo. Best graphic effects I have ever seen.

turdhat... opengl and dx11 are pretty much the same... neither one has graphical effects the other does not. It is just that only one of them work in both macOS and Linux. It is not a bad API what so ever, but even today its hard to support with so many games developing for consoles ontop of windows.

This is by far ASD's most impressive work, and indeed one of the best demo scene demo's I have seen in a long time. Although ASD usually produces the best demos seen in recent memory to begin with, I usually found a lot of rough spots in their demos. They tend to lack an artist capable of good human modeling and mesh animation. %90 of the animation is usually generated by code in realtime so it is rarely an issue, it just looks ugly when that one model that is traditionally animated pops up. What was impressive it this demo was A+ stuff from beginning to end. No slow spots to show off uninteresting new routines, no breaking the flow for retro 2d stuff, it is one continuous ride.

Performance wise it was pretty good on my 460, with only a few spots showing non ideal framerates (15-25) and the ending really bogging down. I think it is a cpu factor, not gpu.
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