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Default Re: "[mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop."

Originally Posted by braingravyuk View Post
Hey guys,
Am running gentoo with the latest stable driver (stable by Nvidia that is), getting the same problem as others in this thread... the whole system goes out to lunch after doing a backtrace and even the magic syskey won't reboot it.

Took a snap of my screen, anyone seeing similar?

I run Gentoo Linux (amd64). Things do not quite look like they do for you, but I think I have had those vertical bars happen. Upgrading the kernel so far appears to have fixed the issue.

As a precaution, I also upgraded xorg-server to (1.9.3 RC1), which I previously had masked as a troubleshooting measure. In addition, I upgraded to the new beta drivers today, although things seem appeared fine with the previous measures. Upgrading to the new beta driver putting the ebuild into a local overlay, changing its version to 260.19.26 and running ebuild ... digest on it.
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