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Question Subwoofer clicks, turns on/off, there's some big mystery part doing the clicking...

I use my Altec Lansing ADA 885 set as my home theater speaker set, and it works great - for the most part.

Granted, I got the set for $7 at the local Salvation Army, so I didn't expect it to be perfect, and originally I only bought it for the subwoofer.

Then I hooked it up and was blown away. Immediately I ditched my Denon (space heater) receiver and large speakers, and hope to never look back.

However, there is a problem. The sub clicks on/off, even when it's not being used. And it's like a physical click, not a speaker-made sound. I took the setup apart and noticed that on the inside of the sub box is a part that I've never seen in a sub box.... It's mounted directly to the side of the box, secured with a long center screw, and it's cylindrical in shape, about 3-5" in diameter. Whatever this part is, this is the culprit and I want to replace it. But what the heck is it? I know my electronic components fairly well and am baffled by its appearance and orientation.

For what it's worth this clicking happens whether I have it hooked up via analog or digital.

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