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Default Re: Push your new 580 with this demo. Best graphic effects I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by jlippo View Post
Indeed, making proper demos and intros (demos with very restrictive size limitations, usually 64 or 4kB) seems to be limited to europe.

Fun thing about making demos is that there is basically no limitations outside your imagination and/or skills.
There is simply no right or wrong way to go or do, there's just open canvas which you are to explore.

There are 'art' demos and those which are most technically oriented, but there are no limits what you can do with it.
Basically demo can be as simple as hello world! or complex as hell and might hold some interactive elements. (sadly underused feature.)

We did demos mostly between 486-pentium3? times meaning pure CPU demos and for DOS.
First starting with Pascal moving to pure ASM and then to C.
(group was/is Halcyon)

Yes, Andromeda in all it's configurations has made some sweet demos during a very long time and those guys usually know how to do something looking good.
Sadly they did some ugly looking stuff in that demo. (mostly horrid SSAO which ruined many scenes for me)
You were in Halcyon ? What year was this. Didnt you guys do some crack intros as well ? That name rings a bell and loudly.
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