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Default Re: ***Official Gran Turismo 5 Feedback Thread***

Here is a good article of one of my biggest issues with GT5

The f**king menus. OMG I hate the UI so much. Race is specific to a year or range and it only gives you the option to look in your garage, if there is no qualifying car then there is a list you can see that you have to memorize, back out all the way, then go to the dealership or used car dealer and find something you can remember from the list. And with this new used car list not always having something for some of the retro races is just frustrating.

I barely won the beginner Japanese classic car with a 69 honda I got. I upgraded the engine to max and the exhaust and intakes and the POS still can't go over 105mph. Almost every car in the race will blow past me on any kind of long straight section. It is a car that qualifies for use in the World Classic car beginner A-Spec race, but the first track is just a really large one with really long straight sections. I can't even get past 7th cause of the POS and there hasn't even been one semi decent used 1969 or earlier car available. That is just something I can't stand about this game. It's a f**king game, I don't want to find other things to do while I wait for a decent used car to show up in the used car shop. It should just have every non premium car listed there sorted by make/model/year and randomize some of the extras like milage, tires, engine setup, etc.

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