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Thumbs down Re: NVRM: os_schedule: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic[...] [260.19.21 x86

Still getting these errors after updating laptop BIOS and installing the latest nvidia beta driver 260.19.26. They are easily triggered just by switching to console and back a couple of times. Once they start, certain drawing ops or something seems to trigger severe lagging in Xorg.

The latest E6510 BIOS update A06 from Dell included lots of interesting things:
1. Fixed issue where OMCI fails to enumerate the DCIM_Doced instance.
2. Added SMBIOS support for TAA MAC address.
3. Fixed one boot sequence issue when switching between RAID and AHCI.
4. Fixed issue where touch screen stops working when system is docked.
5. Improve system POST and boot performance.
6. Improve the IDE-R support.
7. Improve AHCI HDD performance.
8. Added support for China SLIC.
9. Updated Arrandale C2-stepping Microcode to patch 0x0C.
10. Updated PCH 1.6 reference code.
11. Enabled ACPI SPCR for Serial-Over-Lan.
12. Added support to display On-Board NIC MAC address in BIOS SETUP.
13. Updated Intel Clarksfield Framework Reference Code to v1.31.
14. Updated Arrandale MRC to v1.40.
15. Improve Optical drive performance in ATA mode.
16. Fixed TDM SSO structure location.
17. Fixed issue where system hangs in PBA when running Sophos software.
18. Updated Intel Video BIOS.
19. Updated the manageability engine firmware to version
20. Fixed issues related to F12 one time boot menu.

But alas, the behaviour is exactly the same as before, wrt. newer nvidia drivers.

Please nvidia, consider looking into this, if you believe it might be a nvidia driver problem, since it renders all newer drivers effectively useless on this laptop. The old 195-series continues to work fine.

Attaching updated bug report ..
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