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Default Re: What can I expect?

Originally Posted by YodaStar View Post
Actually he is right. Crysis has particle emitters and some dynamic lightsources that are restricted by devs to DX10 mode aswell as simple deffered lights that are used when a bullet collides with metal litting up impact surface. DX10 also has higher precision for some effects and higher sampling rate though difference there is subtle. Then Crytek style OBM only works fully correct in DX10 and particle quality is higher in DX10 using geometry shaders.
Were not talking about dx9 vs dx10 here. Were talking about dx9 vs dx10 in crysis.. And as far as i know. OBMB is the only thing u get from going dx10. Soft particles aitn soft in dx10 either, go to a waterfall, see how the waterparticles goes though harded edges looks aweful.

And trust me, the light isn't different in dx10. Check here, dx9 vs dx10 same settings:

There's no visible difference in the image quality as you can see yourself.

Do you think you know more about Crysis than me? LOL take a hike boy.
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