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Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
Were not talking about dx9 vs dx10 here. Were talking about dx9 vs dx10 in crysis.. And as far as i know. OBMB is the only thing u get from going dx10. Soft particles aitn soft in dx10 either, go to a waterfall, see how the waterparticles goes though harded edges looks aweful.
Youre talking about Crysis DX9 and DX10 rendering API modes and so am I. What I said is correct, it's present in the shaders (precision, samples, method), can be checked in editor and is visible. You can browse the lightsources in editor and see which are exclusive to DX10 API mode and which are available for both API modes (the DX10 exclusives ones can be enabled for both API modes but by default it's not). Same with particles, you can check in editor which emitters are limited to DX10 API mode and which are available for both API modes. My FXMOD particle mod enables DX10 exclusive emitters for both API modes. As for the particle quality, just enable offline in the custom config the command "r_UseGSParticles 0/1" in DX10 rendering mode and see particle quality difference.

For the simple deffered lights just shot onto a metal surface in DX9 and then DX10 mode and see how DX10 API mode with CE2/Crysis allows the bullet impact to generate a lightsource litting up impact area. These are the simple deffered lights.

And trust me, the light isn't different in dx10. Check here, dx9 vs dx10 same settings:

There's no visible difference in the image quality as you can see yourself.
The difference will be very subtle and visible when the HDR needs more range to display proper lighting graduation as per the "book".

Do you think you know more about Crysis than me? LOL take a hike boy.
No need to be rude but since you didn't know what I told you you dont know as much as I do about technical mathers regarding CE2 and how Crysis is configured. I've played a lot with Crysis editor, the game, configs. I created YSFX tod/config mod, FXMOD particle mod and did the tech part of Digital Foundries "Is Crysis possible on consoles?" article.

I've hosted videos of my creations and other game related stuff at Youtube "Videotubestation".

EDIT: You can open up the Crysis shader package or any other package with Winzip or WinRAR as they are renamed zip files with default compression. The shader files are not encrypted so they can be read and modified with Notepad (Notepad++ is best for this kind of work). Crytek sure showed their love for the modding community by having it all accessible for modders without use of third party tools.
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