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Default Re: What can I expect?

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
64bit mode looks better because the draw distance is better and draws more detail, even Crytek said that years ago.
Difference between 32bit and 64bit modes are that 64bit mode by default disables texture streaming at very high settings, thats all. This forces the game to use highest quality textures and use their mipmap levels for distant surfaces. This can though be disabled for 32bit mode as Crysis at default or modded still uses large aware adress extension thus for 32bit OS can use upto 3GB RAM or for 64bit OS upto 4GB RAM despite application running in 32bit mode.

This was a bad marketing call by Crytek as anyone with 3GB RAM (assuming 1GB taken by OS) a GPU with 512MB VRAM could have texture streaming disabled without problems in 32bit mode.
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