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Unhappy Problems with nVidia 460Go

(EDIT: err... this is not the correct forum, this is related to nVidia graphics. sorry)


I've installed SuSE 9.0 in a Toshiba 1950-801 (with a GeForce 460Go), and everything went fine. But I can't start the latest nVidia driver distribution working (neither the SuSE driver package, which I assumed it's the same).

I run the package ( and it installs the drivers; when I change the parameter 'Driver' in XF86config from "nv" to "nvidia", and I 'startx', the screen goes white and there's a strange effect (some zones on the screen tend slowly to change to some different color; it seems X is working but the driver sends incorrect data- see img).

Using sax2 to configure the drivers drives me to the same situation.

I've tried a lot of XF86config files, without success... Only seems to work with the non-accelerated "nv" driver... Also there are no (EE) in the log, everything seems to be fine (but it is not).

In Windows XP everything goes fine (so not a matter of hw).

Toshiba Satellite 1950-801 (Intel 2.8GHz, 512)
Video Card - nVidia 460Go
Driver version - 1.0-4496
Distribution - SuSE 9.0

Sorry 'bout my english... & thanks in advance

huffman salutes you!

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