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Thumbs up nV News 3DMark Contest - guess the Vantage Score & win 3DMark 11 Advanced!

Ok guys, Futuremark was kind enough to supply the staff at nV News with a few keys to their upcoming benchmarking program 3DMark 11. We're left with one extra, and we'd like to give it to a member of our valued community! So we're holding a contest.

CONTEST START: 12/6/2010, 11AM EST/16:00 GMT
CONTEST ENDS: 12/7/2010, 9AM EST/14:00 GMT

  • This is a contest for nV News forum members only; this does not include moderators or staff members... or you, MikeC, you already have a key.
  • Submissions are to be made in this thread only. Any submissions made outside the specified times will not count.
  • One submission per member. Duplicate accounts are easily sniffed out and dispatched by "the hounds".
  • In the event of a tie, a guaranteed fail-safe tiebreaker contest will be held. I am not at liberty to discus the details of this unless it actually happens.
  • The winner receives one key for 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition as soon as the results are finalized, compared and verified.
  • Until the winner is announced, no spamming or unnecessary posting in this thread. Only post your submission. After the contest is over, feel free to take time to throw rotten eggs at the winner, mingle with the fellow losers and discuss directional rotation of jump-assisted breasts dependent on hemispherical location, and their effect on control subject bob saget.
  • If there has to be an appeal, PM me or MikeC.


Guess the 3DMark Vantage Performance Preset GPU score of NVIDIA's GTX 570 at reference speeds using CPU physics, in the nV News GeForce GTX 570 review which will be published on December 7th. The person with the closest answer wins.

.... I'll post a "go!" in this thread (opening it) when the contest starts, I'll post at the submission cutoff time, and I'll report back when the result and winner is finalized. Good luck! ... it beats guessing jellybeans in a jar, no?

Again, this thread will open upon contest start at 11:00 EST/16:00 GMT Dec. 6.

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