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Default Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!

lowest multiplier I can do is 6x

The best fsb I could boot into windows with was 1550 giving me 2.325ghz with 6x multi using these settings

Vcore 1.312
HT 1.42
NB auto
SB auto

Could i get a higher fsb by adjusting these voltages and if so which ones to try first?

Every time I boot now during the mobo screen it tries to do a memory test. I've let it finish before but it still tries to do it every time..

edit: just put the cpu back to 7.5x and I made it into windows @ 2.9ghz, not bad! but no idea if stable. Ram at 775Mhz.

What to do now? Find a stable NB voltage? or NB HT voltage combo?

edit: blue screened, booted fine with NB: 1.30

edit: froze during bc2. set cpu to 1.32 and NB to 1.32

edit: froze again. set NB to 1.34. When I was at 2.75ghz it wouldnt boot unless at 1.28 or below
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