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Default Re: Should i wait or buy?

I have to say a few things. Why would you release a card series higher with less power to it meaning the 6800 series. Meaning less stream processors and lower memory bandwidth? I know they amd wants a piece of the mainstream market but they didn't suspect the gtx 580 coming out to overshadow it? Also, usually a next gen product in the series usually surpasses it's former. This is the 1st time this isn't the case. They should have left the 6870 and 6850 in the 5000 series then and introduced the cayman and antilles parts as the next gen. Unless amd is going under power those too. The only two things amd has going for them is bluray 3d on 5000 and 6000 series cards (they still haven't annouced offically their 3d partner for 3d hardware) and multi monitor gaming on one card in the 5000 and especially the 6000 cards where you get 4 monitors on one card. What I am getting at is I like Nvidia's approach, bring out the flagship card then release it underlings (with the exception of the 590, probably due to engineering difficulties or it would have been out 1st). Nvidia does have to work on multi monitor gaming. Here's a question, can display port technologies make use of 3d vision or 3d surround (regular surround too) for gaming? If so, Nvidia can solve their problems right there for multi monitor gaming. Using 3 dvi's over two cards for nvidia is not efficent and amd knows it.
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