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Default Re: my gripe with windows 7

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
Overactivation. With xp and vista, you could change 2 or 3 pieces of hardware and windows didn't ask to activate. When I changed from 4 gtx 480's to one gtx 580, It asked me to activate. That I understand. But when I added a second gtx 580 and a sb xfi titanium fatal1ty champ pci-e, It asks to activate again. Well, I did disable onboard realtek sound when I added the xfi. So, there was 3 changes there, old sound card off, new sound card installed and a second gtx 580. I actually had to buy a second copy of win 7 pro a couple months back because of norton 360 version 4.0. It seemed every time norton 360 did a major update, it somehow screwed around with the hardware hash and forced another activation. It just worries me that ms is now just being greedy with windows 7 with overactivation due to sometimes minimal hardware changes and crappy av software in my case. Didn't complain to anyone, just changed to avg internet security which isn't so stupid to do what symantec does and threw out the norton 360 disk and key. And I had to do that because symantec didn't recognize my pc as the same meaning I was out of licenses even though no hardware was changed at that time but the OS was reinstalled fresh. Dumb *ss symantec will be out of business soon because the average consumer realizes that you can't just reinstall a symantec product without buying more lisences,well you get the picture. I can install avg as many times as I wan't including OS reinstalls because all they care is that you have a key that expires in 1 or 2 years, nothing else. I kept by key from my 1st windows 7 license since they said I had used up all my activations saying it was pretty much banned meaning the key. I was told by a friend that ms releases keys after a 6 month period when they think you have pirated a key which I didn't.
Greedy? Don't blame MS, blame the tens of thousands (if not millions) of people that pirated XP and Vista, totaling millions of dollars in losses for MS.

And there is a method to the activation madness. IIRC, it's based on a point system. Changing a piece of hardware equates to a number of points, tally up enough points, and you have to reactivate.

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Why not just install windows MCE instead of Norton 360?
I think you meant MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), not Media Center Edition.
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