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Default Re: Help me get to 3.0 GHz!

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
wow thanks for the great write up bman. I'll put in some more testing later today. I have the Vcore set to like 1.5 in the BIOS which equates to like 1.32 in windows, pretty big vdrop. Is 1.5 okay? Seems I don't have a choice. Also, I was able to do a pencil mod I read about and now my Vdroop is practically non existant according to OCCT!

Any idea why its trying to run a memory test every time I boot? It also beeps a second time just before the w7 load screen...odd
It's possible that your settings were put back to fail safe settings when an OC didn't post. There is an option under Advanced chipset features, NVMEM memory Test. You can change that to slow, medium, fast, or disable. Not sure about the 2nd beep.

I'd say your vcore might be a little high. Assuming that's in the "red" if your voltages are colored. Seems to me it shouldn't be crossing 1.4V in the bios. But the main thing to be concerned about is what kind of temps it is producing with that voltage. The thing is many people will say what they feel is in the "safe zone" but really when you're OC'ing there is always a chance to break something. Just thing of that in terms of percentage and that will kind of give you a clue as to how much more you're running. That is about an 18% increase over stock, so it might be a little much.
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